L'osmose inverse Système Aquaphor Osmo Morion DWM101

L'osmose inverse Système Aquaphor Osmo Morion DWM101
  • L'osmose inverse Système Aquaphor Osmo Morion DWM101
  • L'osmose inverse Système Aquaphor Osmo Morion DWM101
  • L'osmose inverse Système Aquaphor Osmo Morion DWM101
  • L'osmose inverse Système Aquaphor Osmo Morion DWM101
  • L'osmose inverse Système Aquaphor Osmo Morion DWM101
  • L'osmose inverse Système Aquaphor Osmo Morion DWM101
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Morion presents a giant leap in drinking water treatment technology. It comprises high performance and ability to fulfil a large family's water needs with extreme compactness and efficiency compared to traditional reverse-osmosis water purifiers.

Your waterMorion provides the same quality of purified water as premium bottled water. Reverse-osmosis removes virtually all impurities from your water including hardness, chlorine, lead and other metals, bacteria, viruses, Giardia cysts and many more. Water from Morion becomes better for your health, it tastes great and is soft on your kitchen appliances - no more white scale.
Ultra post-filtration

Clean water in a storage tank is a comfortable environment for bacteria propagation. To contain them and prevent their growth, Morion is equipped with a state-of-the-art composite bactericidal post-filtration cartridge that stops all impurities down to 0.1 micron (including bacteria and Giardia cysts).

Your water is odor free and perfectly safe, even for kids and allergy sufferers.

Extreme compactness

Morion has up to a 50% smaller footprint than traditional RO purifiers, thanks to build-in storage tank. It is compact enough to fit under your sink. Living in a small or old house is no longer an excuse for drink­ing bad quality water. You deserve the best.

Efficient water storage tank - Works at 2+ atm

Morion is equipped with a water-on-water storage tank that creates zero counter-pressure for filtered water. This allows you to effectively use Morion at a water pressure as low as 2 atm. without needing a boosting pump. The tank can also be filled with purified water in only 1 hour at the lowest operating pressure.

Save up to 50% of wasted water - Save 9 tons of water every year

Due to efficient storage tank membrane and valve system, Morion remains the ratio of wasted-to-filtered water below 4:1 no matter how much water there is in the tank and how high is the pressure in water supply.

For traditional RO purifiers with air-on-water storage tank this ratio varies between 10 and 15 at approx. 3 atm pressure and grows towards the end of tank fulfillment.

Given the fact that we usually use 1-2 liters of filtered water at a time, Morion, saves you up to 50% or 9000 liters of water a year

Save on replacement filters

Morion’s pre-filtration comprises of two filters that purifies all of the water passing through the filter, even the water that is drained later on.

Thanks to Morion’s water efficiency, less water is filtered by two pre-filtration cartridges making them last longer and allowing you to save money.

Easiest Service and Maintenance

you could think of

Cartridges can be easily replaced by following these simple steps: push the button; swing off and swing on until there is a “click” (a quarter turn).

Morion storage tanks are designed to provide easy access for servicing and sanitization purposes. The membrane can be replaced completely – no need to replace the whole tank.

Safe and reliable materials and design

All parts of Morion are manufactured from food-grade recyclable materials during an environment-friendly production process.

Morion is designed to operate at a pressure from 2 to 6 atm, and temporarily withstand up to 21 atm

Ultra-compact RO system Aquaphor Morion provides an increased filtration rate, lower cost and easy maintenance, a large supply of clean water and of course, superior quality water treatment. The high-tech automation system allows the use of Morion at low pressure in the water supply without needing an additional pump. Find more about Morion advantages from the article in Water Conditioning and Purification Magazine.

  • Ultra filtration

Removes all impurities including chlorine, lead, bacteria and viruses

  • Perfect water softening

Removes water hardness at any initial level

  • Works at low pressure in water supply

Water-on-water tank allows to use Morion at 28 psi pressure in water supply

  • Conditioning and Mineralization

Enriches water with useful minerals to improve taste and salt ballance

REPLACEMENT FILTERS (RO Aquaphor Osmo Morion DWM101: set of water filter cartriges)

  • K1-P - Replacement filter for primary purification of water. Removes sediment impurities such as sand and rust. Protects other stages of filtration.
  • K1-02 - Replacement filter for deep purification of drinking water. Reduces all common impurities including chlorine, lead, bacteria and solid particles sized down to 5μm.
  • K-50 - Provides ultra filtration of all contaminants including cysts, bacteria and viruses. It also removes water hardness from any initial level.
  • K1-07M - Replacement cartridge for water conditioning and mineralization. Enriches water with minerals, which improves its taste and has a beneficial effect on health.



371x420x190 mm

Filtration rate:

190 L/day


Chlorine, Sulfates:






Total mineralization:


Organic contaminants:


Ions of heavy metals (Lead, Cuprum, Mercury etc):






Giardia cysts:



1 Year Warranty

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STANDARD: $24.95

Worldwide Delivery in 12-20 business days

Price $499.95